22. Rewatch to improve

Just like the newsroom meeting, critical reviewing is teamwork. Right after the broadcast, it must be done methodically to discuss the newscast, point out the strengths and weaknesses of the packages by putting them into broadcasting context. The most critical reviewing are done, the best the newsroom can improve the newscast as a whole.

Who participates ?

The directors, the journalists, the cameramen, the editors, the script boys, the sound and picture ops, the stage managers, the administration…

When should it take place ?

Once a week or once a month, everybody assembles to watch the newscast without taking notes. After the viewing, everyone writes down what comes to mind spontaneously and subjectively, as well as what stuck in their mind, without “forcing” it or picturing the context in which the news were produced. Professionals taking part to viewings must stay focused on the broadcast and discuss the newscast as the viewers saw it. Critical reviewing isn’t about editorial interrogations nor is it about organizational or human techniques.

Grid for package critical reviewing.

1. The package can be summed up in one sentence : STORY ———- : ———INTENT

2. KEY PICTURES or AUDIO that stays in your mind : ———————————– 

3. Does THE PICTURE / SOUND RATIO make sense ?

4. The package belongs to an easily identifiable GENRE.

  • It’s a true package showing the reality of the field : it’s got in situ interviews, in situ reports and the voice over serves the pictures and sounds.
  • It’s boxed text : informative and explicative voiceovers upheld with illustrations or computer generated graphics.
  • It’s a segment : a long package articulating various intents or a same story treated through various packages.

5. The package is correctly teased by the ANCHOR INTRO.

6. The OPENER is an easy-to-remember catchphrase that sends the story off to a good start.

7. The ENDING sums up the INTENT or opens a new door.

8. The package is completed by a FEW ENDING WORDS from the anchor.

9. The INTERVIEWS make sense.

10. The INFORMATION is coherent and complete.

11. The RYTHM and DURATION are coherent with the story.

12. The package FITS within the newscast.