19. The broadcast

The newscast is the finishing line for all reporting teams. He shows the editorial line of the newsroom, as defined by the news director and his team. It’s respectful of news hierarchy, mindful of the ways the broadcast gets to the viewer, is rhythmic, clear and catchy. All technical and editorial teams must share such requirements. 

The anchorman ensures continuity in the newscast, linking all segments and packages. He writes the links, and adds background info for the packages, introduces and concludes the whole broadcast.

By his tone and hand movements, the anchor may dramatize the news or make them appear as lighter, more anecdotic. He also greets the on-set guests. Either they fit within the newscast, or they are introduced outside of it, in a special segment.

The technical director puts the final touches to the rundown. He concentrates on the order in which the packages are constructed and finished, he checks the content and form of each component, checks that all captions are correct. He checks the package’s quality before allowing it on air.

The script boy (or girl) checks the timings granted for each package and writes down the last words to make sure commuting is done properly. Most often he or she writes down the basic facts about people appearing on the screen (name, age…).

The director makes sure the newscast is properly broadcast. He follows the rundown, ensures commuting between cams and sends the packages on air.

The sound manager makes sure the audio is heard properly, both on set, with link ups and for the packages.

The special effects man produces the special effects. He works in team with the graphic designers who broadcast visual components produced in graphic palettes or in videography.