10. Shooting and editing an online video

With the advent of smartphones and easier access to professional filming equipment, two revolutions have played out in tandem in the media: video has become one of the most widespread vectors of news online and content production is vastly simplified.

What is the current role of video online

Taking all types of media together (news as well as entertainment), video now accounts for more than three-quarters of global internet traffic. In the space of a decade or so, through the explosion of video streaming platforms, hosting sites such as YouTube, together with the frenetic use of smartphones, video has completely replaced text in the transmission of news online.

With respect to the media, this has allowed the emergence of new forms of storytelling, as shown by the success of Brut. Gradually, all newsrooms have invested in producing content for their websites and social media accounts. This is true at both national level and in the regional daily press.

What equipment can be used?

These days, there are few devices that do not allow you to produce quality content. You will probably be more comfortable filming with a conventional camera (a 5D one), but the reality is that your smartphone already produces images of such high quality that it will not be a problem to put them online.

If you want to use your iPhone, for example, professionals recommend that you use at least an iPhone 6 plus. Just as a reminder, that device was released in 2014. Needless to say, the smartphones these days are perfectly adequate for short reports. However, if you plan to produce videos that are quite long it will always be easier and more comfortable to shoot using dedicated equipment.

Editing on a smartphone or on a computer?

What is good for the shooting is good for the editing. If you want to shoot short reports for your news site or for its social media accounts, a smartphone is sufficient. There are certain applications made specifically for that purpose. For example, Filmic Pro and Kinemaster are both excellent tools for your smartphone, for filming and editing, respectively.

However, if you want to produce higher quality, longer content, using effects and continuity segments, etc., sitting down in front of an editing bench will always be more enjoyable.