11. Producing a story

Snapchat, Instagram and even TikTok are the realm of stories, those temporary short videos. Very popular with younger users, these stories represent a new way of narration that is responsive and in tune with current events.

What is the difference between traditional videos and stories?

Stories are a photo or a short video that you post to your Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook account and that friends/subscribers can view for 24 hours. After that, it disappears. The content is not intended to remain online and therefore does not require the investment that shooting and editing a professional video can represent.

In fact, producing a story means that it will be in line with the news because it will disappear the very next day. It is therefore a hot reaction tool on which contextual elements will often be written, which can be linked to other elements online.

More direct contact and a more direct tone with one’s audience

The social media platforms that include this story function are especially popular with younger people. These platforms have their own codes and cultures. On these platforms it is necessary to form a community, to interact with one’s followers and to answer their questions. The content produced must therefore reflect this proximity with the audience. Do not hesitate to challenge the audience and invite their reactions (such as through comments, for example).