21. The gamification of news

Learning while having fun? Why not. For the past ten years or so, games and humour have been introduced into important journalistic content to allow readers to better take on board the news elements.

From quiz to serious game: having fun while learning

You do not need a great video game to have fun. You have probably already stumbled upon a news quiz on a major online news site. That is where the gamification of news begins. The forms are very diverse and can take from a few days to a few months to develop.

In its most common form, the gamification of news takes the form of a “serious game” or “news game”. The latter is on the borderline between journalism and video games. One generally plays a character who has an adventure that will last over time. Effort goes into the graphics and design of the game.

A few good examples

  • Activate: campaign for an issue of your choice, grow an organisation of friends into a national movement, engage your community and local leaders to raise awareness and support for your cause..
  • The Political Machine 2020: lead a campaign to elect the President of the United States.
  • Branches of Power: Pick leaders for each branch of government, create a presidential agenda, introduce bills and pass laws out of Congress, apply judicial review to passed laws.