07. Correct your own writing

Here is a quick and simple exercise that will allow you to evaluate on your radio writing and eventually correct it.

On each of your scripts, do the three following things :

  • Circle the first sentence 
  • Underline the verbs 
  • Cross out every dot

Once your script has been annotated thusly :

  • First sentence :

Read attentively the first sentence while hiding the rest of the script. This sentence must contain the news. To know if it’s effectively the case, answer the following question: What is the new information? If your sentence does not answer that question, it was badly written.

  • Verbs : 

You have to respect one time unit. Verbs must be used in the present tense. Make sure that it is the case. All verbs used must be different. Each of them must evoke a precise idea. Forget about using “be” and “are” : they are way too vague. Do find appropriate verbs.

  • Dots :

Are your sentences too long ? If such is the case, you’re probably giving out more than one information in each one. Stick to developing only one idea per sentence. Your script will immediately be clearer and more incisive. Your sentence structures might also be overly complicated. Use the following structures : subject/verb/object.

Do this on your script, correct your writing, and you will find that it becomes much more understandable and clearer for your audience, and easier for you to read on air.


In your newsroom, make it an habit to read your scripts out loud between yourselves before going on air : this always to see if your script works and whether it needs to be corrected. Do the same with your report, if you have any doubt. You get to improve thanks to the others.